Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun!

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Pretty in Polka Dots!

I love this little dress from Cindy. I think I am obsessed with polka dots!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls Win 3-1

We found out today that we will be having another girl. Sorry Jim you are really out numbered now. I'm almost half way through my pregnancy. I must say this time around has gone by much faster and much easier. I'm very thankful for that and I know Jim is too!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bookshelf

My favorite part of this old house is the huge bookshelf that was in it when we moved in it.

Photo Shoot

These were a few of the pictures I took for Ada's birthday party invitation.

Outisde+horses= good poses from Ada! Ada reminds me of how I would assume her Aunt Becca was when she was little. Her Aunt Becca has a possum, dogs, cats, and is wanting a pot belly pig right now...needless to say she loves animals. Sometimes I call Ada little Aunt Becca.

Boy or Girl?

We plan to find out on September 21st if we are having a boy or a girl. Like Jim, I don't have a preference. All I pray for is a healthy baby. My mind has been racing...will my sewing room soon become a bedroom? If we will be having a boy, I plan to move Ada to my what is now called my sewing room, and the baby will go in the room closest to our bedroom. If we have a girl, all is well, Ada will get a roommate and I keep my sewing room. Either way is fine with me. Time will tell!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Colorado here we come...again!

This summer we decided to take both my parents and Jim's parents on a trip to Durango, CO. During our vacation we enjoyed staying in campgrounds, riding the Durango train, and mostly relaxing. While we were in CO this time, the altitude really seemed to bother me more than the last time I was there. But, come to find out the headaches and nausea wren't from altitude sickness at all. I was 6 weeks pregnant and didn't know it. Needless to say I loved the trip but was thankful to get back home.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ada being "gentle" with Makailyn!

Makailyn came by and Ada didn't know what to think. She wanted to hold her and squeeze her tight, but she also acted a little funny about Makailyn being in her space. She has a lot to learn, but I must give her time...right?

Is this what they call discovery?

Jim and I decided it was time to let Ada play in the mud. She absolutely loved it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Not So Chunky Monkey Stage

We were in Baytown to be with Jim, and decided to go visit with Aunt Stacy, Liam, Graham and Cameron.

I am sad to see Ada grow out of the chunky monkey stage but absolutely love to see her grow and learn so fast. She is getting so smart. The other day she found a paper clip on the ground and put it in her mouth. I said, "No", so she took it out. After about 4 times of doing that, I finally said, "Ada bring it to mommy" and she looked at me and crawled over to me and put it in my hand. I was so proud. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed anything sweet that I could find to "reward" her for obeying. Unfortunately, my dad, a.k.a. "BB" just finished making her a paddle out of cypress wood. We are hoping not to have to use it much! Ada loves to be outside like almost every other child in the world. She still loves to watch the horses in the field next door. My little "Ada Potato" is turning into our "Tator Tot" and as a friend from church said, "she will eventually turn into "Spud!" Being a mother is one of the greatest things in all of the world. It takes a lot of work, like cleaning, planning, organizing, etc. I am so happy to know that we will have another child to love and for Ada to "help" with, I say that lightly. Life is good.


This is a picture of old progress on Nolan Bunch Road. We have put a lot of hard work into this property and were sad at the thought of having to move. Jim had the house reroofed, repainted, etc. I have done a lot of work on the inside as well like, repainting every room, ripping up old carpet, repainting all trim, etc. As Jim and I start making MAJOR renovations to the house, we are also builing a new shop. I think I am as excited as Jim about the shop. That means the last two buildings on our property that need to be torn down can finally dissappear! And we will have a nice place to keep all of our stuff. We are so glad that we decided to stay here on Nolan Bunch, especially now that there is a baby on the way. I will post more pictures of renovation and construction progress.